What we value

We invest in the wellness of medical professionals.


What we've built

We believe that efficient learning and streamlined paperwork are key parts of the crisis in provider wellness.

We've now built the first plugin that rewards learning through internet searches with AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM, and fully automates the required documentation. Tufts University School of Medicine, an international leader in medical education, certifies the entire process.

We're also partnering with Stanford Pediatrics and other outstanding departments to better understand how to solve burnout and information overload using our strengths in automation.

Our team

We’re a group of physicians and engineers on a mission to help medical professionals to restore work-life balance and conquer information overload.

Our combined experience includes multiple decades in clinical work and engineering for the most-trusted brands in medical education and technology, including Adobe, Apple, Caltech, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.



Ram Srinivasan is a board-certified radiologist, previously completing his MD at Harvard Medical School, PhD in EECS at MIT, and BS in ECE at Caltech. He was a postdoctoral researcher at MGH Neurosurgery, a Clinical Instructor in Neuroradiology at Stanford, and currently works in private practice.

Ram is also a lifelong teacher and peer-reviewed researcher. During graduate school at MIT and Harvard, he assisted with courses as from signal processing to pharmacology. In 2010, Ram started the Neural Signal Processing Lab, and his students have placed into top graduate programs in Math and Computer Science. In 2014, Ram launched Core Physics Review, the fastest growing board review course for radiology residents in the US.

When he’s not working on Orbit, Ram enjoys road biking, cooking, and salsa dancing.

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