Receiving Fluoroscopy CME Credit

Do the Orbit Fluoro plans completely satisfy all of the CME requirements for renewing my California fluoroscopy license?

Yes. If you're a physician or PA renewing a California fluoroscopy license, you'll be able to use your Fluoro Micro or Fluoro Pro plans to satisfy both your 4 radiation safety credits and 6 required fluorsocopy credits. Both plans renew every two years, which is when you'll need more credits again.

Does the California RHB accept Orbit for fluoro license renewals?

Yes. The RHB regulation permits any credits recogized by the California Medical Board, which includes AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM earned through Orbit, jointly sponsored by Tufts Unviersity School of Medicine.

How do I indicate Orbit as the source of my CME on my RHB Fluoroscopy License renewal form?

Learn more from this blog post, "How I finish my California fluoroscopy credits every two years".

  • Course Title: Orbit CME
  • Provider Contact Information:
  • Date: date you finished your fluoro credits this cycle
  • Group: b
  • Hours: 10

How many credits do I need for California fluoroscopy license renewal?

Every two years before your license renewal date, earn:

  • 4 credits on radiation safety in fluoroscopy
  • 6 credits on fluoroscopy in clinical practice, defined broadly as "the application of x-ray to the human body"

When will my credit card be charged?

If you've started a plan with a trial, your card will be charged either if you pass your trial period, or if you activate your subscription early, such as to redeem more credits. We charge the full amount for the subscription period upfront, so that you're free to earn all of your credits whenever you want during your subscription period.

Can I also use my Orbit Fluoro credits to satisfy my California Medical Board CME?

Yes. The credits you earn in Orbit are AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM accepted by the California Medical Board.

Does Orbit automatically produce audit reports if the RHB asks?

Yes - instantly generate audit reports with one click from your Submit view. Credits and certificates that you earn through Orbit CMETM automatically flow into the audit report, which provides an exact list of the abstracts and articles you claimed for radiation safety and fluoroscopy credit.

Are Orbit’s certificates and audit reports cloud hosted?

Yes, all certificates and audit reports are cloud hosted. This means that each of our documents is tagged with a unique validation link which we host. If an administrator needs to confirm the document is authentic, they can click on the validation link to view the official copy of the document hosted on our servers.

Orbit Plugin

Do I need to install the Orbit plugin to earn credits?

Yes. The Orbit plugin lets you automate the process of requesting credit for pages you visit. We file the paperwork needed to award you credit for those visits.

Does the Orbit plugin work exclusively with Chrome desktop browsers?

Right now, yes. The Orbit plugin is designed for the Chrome desktop browser. We may support other desktop browsers in the future depending on user requests.

Do I need to log into the Orbit plugin when I start browsing?

Yes - logging in allows the plugin to assign your requests for credit to your account.

I’m on a shared computer. Do I need to log out when I’m done?

We recommend logging out of Orbit from shared computers after you’re done.

I’m on my personal computer. Do I need to log out when I’m done?

Nope. If you’re on your personal computer, you don’t need to worry about logging in or out. Once you log in, you’ll stay logged in.

Do I need to update my plugin?

Nope. Plugin updates are automatically pushed to your Chrome browser, so you’ll always be working with an up-to-date Orbit plugin.

How does the plugin work?

In order to receive AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM from Orbit for a site visit during internet browsing, you need to record your site visit and submit a report to an accredited CME provider that reflects on your learning during that site visit. The plugin automates your paperwork and documentation to complete this process.

Audit Reports

How do I print an audit report?

Log into your Orbit account, and click on Dashboard. Select the time interval you’d like to include in your audit report. Click “Generate” under the Audit Report section. Once the audit report is generated, you’ll see an option to open the audit report in a new window, and an option to copy a shareable link. You can print or save the audit report to PDF from the new window. Alternatively, email the shareable link to your administrator so they can download certificates individually if needed.

CME Requirements for Physicians in the US, Canada, and Europe

Will Orbit fulfill my board’s specific credit requirements?

We’re working to research requirements across the globe. So far, we’ve looked at Canada, Europe, and the United States.

In Canada, the Section 2 (Scanning) requirements of the Royal College Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program recognizes AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM .

In Europe, the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) recognizes AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM through the mutual recognition agreement with the American Medical Association.

In the United States, requirements vary — Orbit satisfies most or all CME requirements across the twenty four ABMS divisions, summarized here:

last updated 11/29/18

Medical Specialty Orbit fulfills
general CME requirement
Orbit fulfills
self-assessment requirement
Allergy and Immunology not required
Anesthesiology not required
Colon and Rectal Surgery in progress
Dermatology in progress
Emergency Medicine not required
Family Medicine not required
Internal Medicine
  • in progress for MOC points
  • state medical boards only
not required
Medical Genetics and Genomics not required
Neurological Surgery not required
Nuclear Medicine in progress
Obstetrics and Gynecology state medical boards only not required
Opthalmology in progress
Orthopaedic Surgery in progress
Otolaryngology not required
Pediatrics state medical boards ok not required
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in progress
Plastic Surgery not required
Preventive Medicine in progress
Psychiatry and Neurology in progress
Surgery in progress
Thoracic Surgery not required
Urology not required

Costs and plans

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. If you cancel during a trial, your credit card will not be charged, and your trial will end. If you cancel after a trial, your service will continue through the end of your subscription period. No refunds will be issued unless required by law.

Can I re-activate my plan if I cancel?

Absolutely. Log in, click on the menu button in the top right, and select Subscriptions. You’ll see an option to re-activate your subscription.

Can I change the credit card charged?

Yes. Log in, click on the menu button in the top right, and select Subscriptions. You’ll see an option to change your credit card.

Is my credit card charged on a recurring basis?

Yes, your access to Orbit is a subscription that renews automatically at the end of the subscription period. Your credit card will be charged at that time to continue your service uninterrupted.

Do you issue refunds?

Refunds are not issued unless required by law.

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