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  • Designed for all levels - residents, fellows, and attendings in radiology
  • Search once and done - all relevant Ddx and articles are pulled into your Discovery Bar
  • Subspecialty Ddx - automatically view the Ddx for the current article you're viewing
  • Tumor board and phone calls - get an instant overview of the related literature to fuel discussions with referring physicians on difficult cases
  • On-demand CME - purchase Boosts of 25 or 50 credits anytime to convert article visits into CME
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  • Everything in Monthly - automate your Ddx and related articles in the Discovery Bar
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In-browser, AI-driven, point-of-care education for your residents and fellows Request Free Pilot
  • Admin dashboard - add and remove accounts when your residents and fellows join or graduate. Makes tracking and billing easy.
  • Daytime learning - residents submit their best reports, considering the broadest ddx, and narrowing their interpretation using literature from reputable sources.
  • Nighttime support - give your most junior residents the extra assurance of automated Ddx to help them get through busy nights on call
  • Recruitment - showcase Orbit Discovery to your residency and fellowship interviewees as part of your technology-forward branding.

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Boost 25 Boost 50 Society Conference Online Course
Total expenses $12.99 per crediton demand $14.99 per crediton demand $100+ per credit $50+ per credit
Personal time lost none none 40 hours 16 hours
Credits 25 per boost 50 per boost 20 16
Max credit speed unlimited unlimited n/a n/a
SAM/SA-CME icon_checkmark icon_checkmark variable variable
Specialty credits (Breast, Cardiac CT, Fluoro, etc.) icon_checkmark icon_checkmark variable variable
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