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  • Optimized for NPs - accepted by the AANP and ANCC. Registered with the BRN in California (CEP #16946, Transcend Review, Inc)
  • BRN-compliant for these states - AL, AK, CA, DE, IL, MI, MN, NE, ND, OH, OR, PA, SC, UT, Washington DC
  • Authentic credits - AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM certified by Tufts University School of Medicine
  • More credits anytime - purchase on demand with Boosts of 25 or 50 more credits
  • Streamlined process - convert browsing on shift into CE. No multiple choice trivia
  • Bulletproof documentation - cloud hosted certificates and detailed audit reports
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  • Everything in Basic - AANP and ANCC-compliant CE, multi-state BRN-compliance, detailed audit reports, and even more credits purchased on demand with Boosts
  • Better pricing - two years of service at a great lower monthly rate than Basic
  • More credits upfront - 30 CE allocated right away for your upcoming deadline
  • Make more time for the important stuff - your CE is solved for two years, so spend more time with friends and family
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  • Solve CE at scale - cover CE for all NPs in your system, and reduce wasted time searching for credits and exchanging emails that adds up to millions of dollars in lost productivity
  • Recruit and retain - show your NPs that you care enough to massively streamline their recurring CE burden
  • Inspire greatness - define leaderboards based on browsing related to system-wide clinical initiatives. Reward teams for curiosity and self-directed learning
  • Multi-state compliance - reduce legal risk by automatically enforcing required CE policies across your enterprise
  • Survive Audits - generate detailed CE audit reports with confidence for the day your healthcare system is audited
  • MIPS/Improvement Activities - use peer review and other custom features in Orbit to drive Practice Quality Improvement

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